The reseller program is very flexible when it comes to how to manage accounts. While we monitor security closely, we also work to make the different accounts easy to use.
Note: In order to receive technical assistance for any account in Real US Numbers, you must have the username of your client.

Here is a list of the different accounts available in Real US Numbers:

Reseller Account

  • The account with which you usually buy credits will be the same account that you will use as a reseller.
  • The option "Charge" is enabled in which you can enter the panel of resellers.
  • To update your account as a reseller you must buy 1000 or more credits.
  • The price of the sale of credits fixes you, but it is ideal that you buy 1000 or more credits always so that you can get a bigger discount and you can give your clients a better price.
  • You can also add this status to any client account in your reseller plan and yourself have your team of resellers just give us the username and we will do reseller but following the coding of standard reseller. For instructions on how to add this state.

Customer account
  • Your customers must register from our portal.
  • You must have the username when you reload credits.
  • You will have a history of recharges so you can take control of your activity.
  • Always remember to first secure the payment before assigning the credits since you must communicate with the support to be able to subtract any credit assigned by mistake.
  • When you set up the reseller plan, a customer account with discounts for you is automatically created.

Sub-dealer account
  • Account configured as a reseller's customer.
  • It enjoys the same permits and benefits of a standard reseller. 
  • You can offer plans or credit packages at your convenience.

Next Steps
Contact us to update your account to reseller:

You are not registered? Follow the instructions to be part of our, you can also contact us if you want to buy credits for your account.