Walmart is the largest public corporation in the world, It is the largest retailer in the world and offers the largest offer of private employment in the world, the company It is also one of the most valuable companies in the world. You can also use our numbers for Walmart MoneyCard which is a prepaid debit card.

They say "Your cell phone will only be used for this purpose and will not be distributed to any third party" but we already know that the sale of personal information is the big business of today. Do not leave all your personal information on the internet.

Whatever the reasons are, here we will recommend the best alternative to obtain a phone verification in 

Our system will give you a valid and real number, which you must enter in the corresponding box to complete the verification.

1.- First of all you must register on our site, enter a username and password and do not forget it, you can do it here below:

We only accept as means of payment Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Dash and more.

You already have credits! Well now let's show you the steps so you can verify your DoorDash account:

2.- Start session in the Line Manager, once inside you should search and select "Walmart" and click on "Get New Number".

4.- After a few seconds you will be assigned a number which you can see in "Number" remember that you have an estimated time to use the number.

5.- Enter the number in the corresponding box and then click send. 

6.- Wait for the SMS to arrive with the verification PIN to your Real US Numbers account in the "Message" section.

7.- Enter the SMS in the corresponding check box and your Verification will be completed claim your prize without having to give personal data to this type of pages that then use all your information to give it to the digital markinting companies.

If that time ends you will be deducted 1 Credits for the management of the number.

*Avoid using the service in accounts that have multiple verification attempts, this can block the mobile verification and you will have to resort to the verification by mail to claim your prize.